WEBB Boutique and Thrift

Our online thrift store supports WEBB Squared, a NC nonprofit working statewide with Black entrepreneurs to create successful and thriving businesses.

What is WEBB Squared?

  • Mission & Values

    At WEBB Squared, our mission is two- fold:
    1. we help Black entrepreneurs make their business dreams come true, and
    2. we are closing the racial wealth gap one successful Black business at a time.

    Our work is fueled by these values: abundance, equity, unity, and interdependence.

  • Our Entrepreneurial Program

    Our year-long program of mentorship and coaching, along with entrepreneurial mindset programs and personal and business programs are tailored to help Black entrepreneurs succeed.

    Our staff team is dedicated to assisting the entrepreneur as accountability partners to help them build the tangibles toward building a successful business.

  • The Remedy Podcast

    Inspired by conversational podcasts on deep meaningful subjects and ideas, the WEBB Squared staff team – Stephanie Terry, Rinnie Orr, and Mashallah Salaam – have created a new podcast to discuss race, race amity, racial equity, unity, abundance, interdependence, relational power, and more.

    Listen on your favorite podcast channels, including YouTube.